Electricity cuisine no

'Electricity cuisine no'.

The nosey old man running the campsite came along in his golf buggy last night, stopped outside Cleopatra, pointed at our dinner cooking on the stove and tutted before uttering these three words.

So he charges €3.50 per night for electricity but you can't use it to cook your food! Perhaps he believes you should do no more with the power than charge up your phone. Considering it costs about €5 to charge up a phone every day for a year that's really talking the mickey.

So we just moved the electric stove from the table outside into the table inside, hid it from view with a box of wine, and continued cooking our pasta sauce.

We have brought a gas stove with us in case we stay on a campsite without electricity, but I'm not going to use our gas when I've paid for an electric hook-up.


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