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  October holidays are often about embracing autumn, wrapping up warm and enjoying walks in the countryside coloured flame red, orange and yellow. That was almost the holiday we thought we were going to be having this week after French fuel strikes and the inevitable shortages steered us towards a plan to visit northern Germany. The weather forecast had us rethink and decide to try our luck at getting fuel enough to make it to the southwest of France. This new plan was only hatched after we'd left home, about half of the way to Eurotunnel. We do love the sandy coast of France's Atlantic coast and have stayed everywhere from the Vendée down to Landes. So when the best of the weather was to be around Biarritz, a part of the coast we'd not yet explored, it seemed the ideal choice. We arrived in France at about 11pm and decided to use the Camping-Car Park at Incheville, a two-hour drive away in Normandy. We've stayed twice before and I checked the Camping-Car Park app a cou