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Suffolk Yurt Holidays video blog

The video blog of our stay in a luxurious yurt! Read the accompanying blog post . Our stay at  Suffolk Yurt Holidays  was provided free of charge in return for this impartially written blog post. More glamping holidays are listed at  who kindly matched us up and helped facilitate this stay and review.

Suffolk Yurt Holidays

I like to consider our weekends sleeping in Cleopatra as more glamping than camping but this weekend we had the opportunity to try really high-end glamping courtesy of Suffolk Yurt Holidays in Woodbridge. We were given a warm welcome by Jane who showed us the communal areas before handing us the key to 'Apple' our yurt for the weekend. There are five yurts all named after trees, each with a spacious private grassy space. Stooping down to enter its tiny wooden door we were enveloped in a luxurious interior that was definitely boutique hotel rather than boot camp. This is surely camping for folks who don't think they'd enjoy camping! The bed in our yurt was constructed out of an old wooden boat. Crisp white bed sheets were accented with a bold cushion and pastel blanket. A comfortable futon provided ample indoor seating, a wooden trunk was home to hot water bottles and extra pillows, and a chest of drawers provided storage for our clothes. A rail for ha