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Zingst peninsula on the German coast

I had until 3.30pm to come up with a plan for our holiday. At that time I'd be collecting Tony from work and we'd be heading towards Folkestone and our booked Eurotunnel crossing. Our original plan to visit Normoutier had been scrapped due to a week of wet and stormy weather affecting most of France. Even the back-up plan hatched the previous evening needed to be unraveled having seen an updated weather forecast. Northern Germany and Denmark appeared as though they'd enjoy great weather and so I began investigating possible destinations taking into account the time it would take to travel and likelihood of there being semi-deserted beaches. We'd been looking forward to a beach holiday for far too long to be prepared to compromise. Eventually I was drawn to the Zingst peninsula on the coast of Germany which promised several similarities with Noirmoutier. Connected by bridge to the mainland the peninsula was island-like, it had miles of sandy beaches on