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Planning a year of adventures

It's been a slow winter as far as camping has been concerned. Our last full-week camping trip was in October when we went to the Lake District and that somewhat-rainy week has put us off weekends away ever since. But now we are looking forward to the summer and we've started planning several trips abroad. Our holidays booked so far this year are all to brand new places. We will visit Arcachon on France's beautiful west coast which we've already seen so much of, and at Easter Cleopatra will visit Spain for the very first time as we split up a fortnight night between the north-eastern coast and a mountainous region slightly inland. Our summer travels will see us set sail for Corsica for a true island adventure. Our ferry crossings are already booked and I'm just waiting to hear back from the three campsites we've picked across the island. There are a couple of holiday weeks still unaccounted for and we're pretty sure we'll pay another visi