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Chorleywood camping in sub-zero temperatures

On Friday I was at a work conference in London and so we booked a campsite easy for me to get to after the conference had finished and that Tony could get to at a similar time after he finished work. We chose North Hill Farm in Chorleywood, about as far west as the London Underground would take me. As it turned out, I received the very kind offer of a lift from the conference right to the campsite and arrived around 5.30pm. I knew Tony was only five or ten minutes away from arriving himself and that was blessing since it was pitch black. After stumbling around in the darkness I hadn't managed to find a sign for the campsite reception during my wait. North Hill Farm is a five pitch Certified Location with the Caravan Club so there wasn't much to the campsite bar the already-pitched vans and motorhome. I found the loo and shower but there was nothing else. The other side of a fence was a huge house with lights on and so I assumed this would be where the reception wa

A campervan in winter

We took delivery of Cleopatra in January and have been camping with her since then. That means we've already camped in all seasons. I don't really remember the beginning of the year being particularly bleak, though I know it was - there are photos of us in snow. I think the novelty of having a campervan to call our own was still such a novelty we just didn't notice the weather. Then summer came along and really spoiled us. We'd arrive on a camp site at 6 or 7 o'clock in the evening, crack open a few beers and watch the sun go down. That all seemed to change really quickly and on our last two camping trips we've arrived in the pitch black. I didn't think the return of winter would put me off camping but on Friday it nearly did. We arrived at Cliff House camp site in Dunwich, near Southwold at 6.30pm. It was pitch black and raining. Reception had closed and our name and allocated pitch was on a sheet of late arrivals stuck to the door. Our pitch was