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Not so Cool Camping

We like campsites that are out of the ordinary and a fantastic way to find those is through the website Cool Camping. Many favourite sites we return to again and again were discovered through Cool Camping. This weekend though I was less than impressed by Cool Camping and since I'm unsatisfied with the response I've had from them I feel compelled to write this blog post. We booked the campsite Wardley Hill in Norfolk on Thursday, a day before the first night of the booking. Cool Camping immediately took full payment and instantly I received an email confirmation with directions to the site and, what I wasn't expecting, a latest check-in time of sunset which would be 6.20pm. Now, of course, I fully understand why a site would have a latest check in of sunset, but to wait until after you've booked and paid to tell you this isn't acceptable. I emailed them today to point out that it's unacceptable to impose restrictions on arrival time that weren't clearly set o