Here's a clickable map of our go-to sites. We've split them into three categories. Green are destination campsites we recommend for a holiday. Blue are aires that maybe light on facilities but are great one-night stopovers. Orange are campsites that a great stopovers when you need somewhere with good facilities and maybe something to do for a couple of days.


  1. Hello. This is Ruth from @anniethevan. I love this map. Such a great idea to put all your recommendations in one place. Reading through them all. We actually stayed in a farmhouse in Chianti as we were meeting our family after a 12 week trip, but those campsites in Tuscany look good, and how beautiful is Florence? Literally overdosed on culture, great food and wine. Will look through the UK ones too as we will be back in the UK after taking a 6-8 week trip back from Barcelona via North Italy, Austria and Germany this summer.


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