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Road trip to Spain

We're two hours from our campsite on the Costa Brava having left home exactly 24 hours ago. It's seems like madness to drive to Spain and yet that's what we're doing for a fortnight to be split between the coast and the mountains. It's Easter bank holiday weekend and initially we could only get a 10.20pm Eurotunnel crossing on Good Friday. Checking back from time to time we were lucky enough to spot an 8.20pm slot but nothing any earlier ever materialised. With such a huge distance to cover we decided to push our luck and we arrived four hours early at the Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal hoping they'd let us through but worried we'd be turned away. We no longer have the credit card the booking was made with - keeping the old card was something we just didn't consider when a new card came - and so we couldn't go through the automated check in. If we were going to get told off for being so early, an actual human was going to do it. Ob

Five reasons to shun the south of France in favour of the wild west coast

The French coastline is almost 3,500 kilometres long and yet most holiday makers looking for a beach holiday automatically think of the south of France as the be all and end all. For the last three years, in our campervan, Cleopatra, my partner and I have holidayed all around France and we believe you should shun the south coast and go west. Here are the top five reasons why: 1. Beaches While undoubtedly the sunniest beaches in France are to be found in the French riviera, they are more likely to be pebbly than sandy. Swap the Med for the Atlantic though and you'll find the coastline is uninterrupted sandy beach, backed by huge dunes and forest. It's a nature lover's paradise. If you still crave a little civilization you can't go far wrong than staying in Arcachon where the well-heeled of Bordeaux spend their weekends. After spending a relaxing day on one of the sandy beaches you can retreat to a beach-side restaurant to enjoy the locally-farmed oyste