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Strasbourg - camping, shopping, cycling and beer

I've wanted to return to Strasbourg since last visiting four years ago. We had a whole week there in October 2015 and we returned for three nights in October 2019. We booked a pitch at CityKamp Strasbourg for the last nights of our half-term road trip that had also seen us visit Paris and Troyes for a real city-break holiday. This is the same campsite we were on last time, having been rebranded from Camping Indigo but still a part of the Huttopia chain. The site sits surrounded by trees on the outskirts of the town centre just to the south west. There's a little noise on this site but it's more a distant hum of city life and nothing that would spoil your stay. A train passes occasionally and church bells strike the hour. It's a trade off for being so close to such a beautiful city. Strasbourg will have your phone in hand snapping photos at every corner with its cobbled streets and colourful mix of Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic and Art Nouveau architecture. It bec

Huttopia Versailles convenient for Paris

October half term is always a tricky holiday to plan for in a campervan. With only a week you really can't go too far south to find good weather. We researched a few destinations including Britanny and the Black Forest and made up our minds the weather would be the deciding factor. As Friday evening came around it didn't seem to make a lot of difference where we went - there'd be occasional rain - and so we decided we'd start off not travelling too far. We'd reassess the weather after a couple of days and in the meantime have a city break and visit Paris. We're big fans of the Huttopia chain of camping and glamping sites and their Versailles site was one of a handful open at this time of year. Our research showed we'd be able to catch a train or cycle into Paris and with plenty of pitches seemingly available we headed there without booking. We learned a couple of useful things on this holiday. Firstly Huttopia's online booking fee isn't pa