Just an onion

We've brought our usual camping larder with a few additions on our six-week French road trip. Not knowing how far away a supermarket might be, and carefully watching our spending on such a long holiday, it's reassuring to have a few basics and some ingredients with which you could make a complete meal.

As it has turned out a large Leclerc supermarket is ten minutes walk from our first campsite and so it was no bother visiting to buy just the onion we added to what we'd already got to create last night's pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and chorizo.

The onion was 33 cents, but of course that wasn't all we ended up buying. We decided on all visits to the shop we'd bring back beer just to be sure we don't run out. We keep a few bottles in the coolbox to enjoy after we come back from the beach every afternoon. There's nothing so satisfying as a cold beer on a hot day.

Twelve bottles of beer, the onion and some green tea came to €6.30. Our grocery budget back home is £15 per day so we've saved a bit of cash this last two days by spending less than half. We don't need anything today since the pasta sauce was so plentiful we put half in a container for tonight.


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