Lazy evenings, relaxed meals and Corsican beers


We've found another Corsican beer to try. Kiara seems to come in several variations, each in different coloured labels. It is a six pack and I put two each in the cool box which is still going strong after being plugged in for two weeks.

Tonight's dinner will be paella with a reasonably priced, decent sized bag of fruits de mer. Naturally Cleopatra already had paella rice in her store cupboard.

We've been eating a lot of pasta dishes for evening meals. We've made pasta puttanesca three times since it's our favourite. One evening I suggested macaroni cheese but Tony didn't want anything so heavy. We compromised on a recipe I found for goats cheese and mushroom pasta sauce. I suggested adding chopped walnuts for a bit of crunch and it was divine. The goats cheese did two nights of the same, broken up by a night where I decided I needed meat and we made mustard lentils with me having beef steak and Tony a grilled aubergine.

Last night we thought we'd try macaroni cheese with a blue cheese, carefully trying to get the balance right so the cheese didn't overpower the dish. A light Greek yoghurt and large ladle of the pasta cooking water created a light creamy sauce. We got the cheese quantity spot on and therefore have blue cheese in the cool box to do two more meals.

How lovely long holiday days are when the most you have on your mind is what to cook for your dinner. And nothing beats holiday meals prepared alfresco. One of our camping holiday highlights are lazy evenings sitting with a beer while we whip up a culinary masterpiece.


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