Deserted Corsican Beaches


We've always accepted that a lot of effort is needed to reach a beautiful, sandy, deserted beach. Before all our holidays were taken on Cleopatra's four wheels the Greek islands were our beach holiday destinations. Rhodes became our favourite Island and we spent four or five summers there. We'd stay in an apartment in Lindos where the rooftop restaurants all had views of the acropolis but by day we'd drive our rental car 30 minutes south, drive down a track we would never take a car we owned, and then walk another 30 minutes to Agios Georgious beach. In Crete we'd stay in Matala in the little-visited south of the island and leave everyone on the town beach while we scaled a mountain to get to the 'red beach'. In Corfu we had a few favourite beaches away from tourist resorts, including the beautiful Mirtiotissa.

Then Cleopatra introduced us to roadtrip holidays and we discovered Île d'Oléron where our favourite campsite was the opposite side of the island to our favourite near-deserted beach, involving an hour cycle ride plus 20-30 minute hike to reach.

And so, even on day 14 on Corsica I still find it hard to believe we just walk five minutes from our camping pitch to have all this to ourselves. I just feel bad about the lack of exercise.


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