We remembered our wellies - Stiffkey again

We're getting back into the routine of weekends away again. Society was our chosen destination this weekend because the best of the, already great, weather was promised in north Norfolk.

On this visit we finally remembered to bring our wellies and so, before leaving for home, on Sunday morning we walked across the salt marshes/ mud flats out towards the sea.

Despite being next to the sea, you can't actually see the water from High Sands Creek campsite because of the vast expanse of mud flats. And one wouldn't dare to try to walk across without a tall pair of boots.

Not far into our exploration we came across a pair of boots swallowed almost all up in mud, the owner hopefully having made it out barefoot. That certainly encouraged us to tread more carefully.

Having reached sand and finally the sea, looking back it was near impossible to tell in which direction we'd come.

In the distance a sand bank had dark grey blobs I'm inclined to believe were seals, but we couldn't have got near enough to tell. The ride was coming back in.

And so, despite having had exactly the same Saturday as we always do when staying in Stiffkey (walking the coastal path to Wells-next-the-Sea), we were able to experience something new before setting back off for home on Sunday.


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