The bit between trips

A campsite directory
Maybe it's because the van is still so new or maybe I'll always be too excited to wait until the next adventure, who knows? Between times I'm enjoying blogging about the latest trip and planning for the next one.

First of all comes researching sites we'd like to visit based on other campers' reviews, and I'm finding them from several campsite web directories. It's been a bit tough finding sites open all year and I've found that often sites listed as such have log cabins or other accommodation which is open all year while the camping field remains closed.

After settling on a site there's researching the local area to find things to do and great routes for walking. And then there's making sure supplies in the van are topped up, such as our travel bottles filled with olive oil or washing up liquid.

A couple of days before we go away with Cleopatra I find a nice recipe to cook for each night and write a shopping list. The night before I can then assemble each ingredient and create an ambient pile and chilled pile ready to be packed in the van with our clean clothes, ready for the off.


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