Our first full day in France

Pouzauges castle
I never have any idea of the approximate time when I wake up and I'm camping. It's usually ridiculously early. But on our first morning it turned out we'd slept until 10am.

It showed signs of being a lovely day; the sky was blue and, in between white clouds, the sun showed through.

I managed to have a bearable shower with a combination of the cold water and our hot kettle. After breakfast we donned walking boots and set of for the Center Ville.

Historic Pouzauges
Pouzauges is a really quaint and scenic village set quite high up. It enjoys great views of the surrounding countryside. A chateaux sits proudly looking over the village and we took plenty of pictures.

We continued walking to the twin windmills and through the woods that the Google translation app had interpreted as the Forest of Madness.

The woods were busy with mountain bikers whizzing past us absolutely caked in mud. Apart from a very few people getting Sunday morning groceries the village was otherwise quiet and deserted.

Our walk took us back to the lake, and we could see Cleopatra from the opposite side. We were back at base at around 3pm and spent a lazy afternoon reading, cooking our dinner of pork mince burritos and playing boardgames.

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