We just bought a campervan

Snapping a selfie in the showroom

Can I afford a campervan? No. Have I just bought one? Yes!

My partner and I just bought a campervan. I can't believe it - I've wanted one for years but it's other people who have campervans, not us; they cost a small fortune.

OK, so it's going to take five years for us both to pay off the loans we just took out. We could have saved for five years but that would have been five years we didn't have the campervan. This way we're forced to budget for it and we know it will be paid off in time for my mid-career break.

I have a great employer which allows its staff six months of paid leave after 25 years' service. I've worked for the company for 19 years and so my long leave is now so close I've actually started making plans. This is why we need the campervan because we're going to spend six months touring around mainland Europe.

And in the six years until then we're going to make the absolute most of the van. By the time we leave for half a year on the road we'll be veterans. We'll know everything we need to know to ensure the once-in-a-lifetime trip is perfect.

This is going to be a blast, and you, my friend, can come with us via this blog!


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