Vintage van vs brand new

Do we want accessories decorated with vintage campervans when we're buying a brand new VW T5 California? Totally.

Some might wonder if they depict the van we'd have rather become owners of, however I just appreciate them for what they represent: the freedom of the road. And I feel owning a brand new California gives us that freedom along with piece of mind.

Vintage vans are beautiful to look at whereas the T5 California looks much like a utility van. I think our personalities will demonstrate that it's our weekend hideaway. The bike rack on the back and bunting in the windows shouldn't leave much doubt.

Neither myself or my Partner Tony are the least bit mechanically minded, and a vintage van and the problems they can come with it just totally out of the question, especially when thinking about the distances we intend to cover.

So while our T5 might not have the grace of a vintage camper, it represents the freedom that must be felt by owners of vans old or new.


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