A different kind of holiday

Yesterday we flew to Kefalonia on our fifth overseas holiday this year. I wasn't nearly as excited about this holiday knowing our campervan is ordered. I want camping holidays and I want them now!

All I really want from a holiday is relaxation. That has previously come in the form of beach holidays, usually to Greek islands, where we'll spend days lounging by the sea, reading books or listening to music, and evenings sitting on our balcony with a bottle of wine.

I'm now imagining days spent parked up alongside a river bank or lake, maybe the sea, sitting outside our campervan, reading or listening to music. The same kind of relaxing stuff but on our terms.

We'll no longer be beholden to the tour companies and the destinations they've decided people want to visit. We won't have to catch a 6am flight, wait for our luggage or be shepherded onto and off transfer busses by eager tour reps.

We'll go anywhere we want to go, anytime we want to go. If we don't like a destination we'll move on.

We'll cook for ourselves, or maybe eat out occasionally. We'll walk, we'll cycle, we'll drive around. We'll visit here and we'll visit there.

Evenings will still include a bottle of wine, no doubt. And we'll enjoy it siting outside with a view we've personally chosen - and we'll be getting the best view guaranteed every time.

I'm going to enjoy our week in Kefalonia, and I will relax, but this isn't the freedom I truly yearn for.


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