Yes the alps. Yes at Christmas. Yes in a campervan.

Are we mad? Too soon to say.

Somehow, about three months ago, we decided to have a ten-night Christmas break in Cleopatra. Clearly there is no chance of a warm holiday at this time of year if you're traveling from the UK and your mode of transport is a campervan. So we said 'why not make the most of the winter and seek out snow?'

So here we are in the French alps in December in a pop-top campervan.

The campsite website says the weather here rarely dips below -15°C. That's reassuring, haha.

It looks promising after an exploratory walk. I took off my hat, scarf and gloves because I was too hot.

Our village looks lovely and we can get a cable car up to the bigger skiing town above. 

Time to bed in for the night and see if we can stay warm enough.


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