Apres skiing

We've fallen into an easy routine, as we generally do on a holiday, of getting up around 9am, putting the coffee machine on and collecting freshly baked pain so chocolat from reception. After showering we're on the cable car to Les Deux Alpes before 11am.

Yesterday we had lunch at La Bergerie Kanata in Mont de Lans after waking up the mountain behind the town. We hadn't expected to find a restaurant up there but in the sunshine it seemed to good an opportunity to pass up.

We ordered two espressos and enjoyed them at a picnic table. The sky was clear blue and the sun was warm on our faces. Coats were removed and sleeves rolled up. It was glorious.

And then I looked at the menu, finding that we could enjoy a litre of wine for €13. It was still 11.45am and so we felt it wasn't really right to be ordering alcoholic beverages just yet.

We waited fifteen minutes and ordered rose wine and two salads that turned out to be huge.

I hadn't been all that keen on ordering food. The salad seemed a little expensive on the menu, but seeing the mountain of green leaving the kitchen I was glad we had. On top of a huge mind of green leaves was prosciutto, walnuts and tiny, crisp green ravioli. Splashed in balsamic vinegar it was as heavenly as the view.

We finished the carafe of wine during in deck chairs.

In the evening we played Powergrid, a favorite boardgames we hadn't played in at least two years. We were a little rusty on the rules but when you're in a snowy mountain valley in December there's all the time in the world.


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