Turkey's bought

We packed a huge amount into today. First we took the ski lift to the top of the mountain and walked down. We demonstrated that we were ski lift rookies when the operator had to shout at us to lower the safety barrier.

After a leisurely walk down the mountain we had an hour in an outdoor pool soaking up the sun. It brought back memories of sitting in outdoor pools in Reykjavik a couple of years ago. It's so amazing to be in a pool when the outside temperature is so low and the scenery is stunning. It doesn't quite live up to Iceland because there we sat in bath-hot water while it hailed and that's pretty hard to beat.

Not willing to risk their being available on Christmas eve we bought a turkey and Brussels sprouts ready for our Christmas dinner - no refrigeration necessary, we're just going to leave them outside in the box with our walking boots.

By 2pm we had a jug of beer to share and a deck chair each at the Umbrella Bar. We soaked up some more sun before taking the cable car back to camp.

A motorhome just arrived on the campsite. It makes the number of units on site, including ourselves, six. I'm guessing we're all here for Christmas.

I expected the site would be busier, but it's kind of nice it's just a few of us. It's a special place and the secret is all ours.


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