So I mistakenly said in my previous blog post that we'd spent the day on the beach at Narbonne Plage. I must correct this immediately, having now been to said place.

Narbonne Plage is like a smaller San Antonio in Ibiza. It lacks any character and is full of tacky shops and bars.

We have actually been spending our beach days on the stretch of sand between old Gruissan and Narbonne Plage. A beach fortunately not filled with the people staying in Narbonne Plage.

On our first full day we spent all day on the beach. On the second and third we saw sights in the mornings before spending the afternoon on the beach.

Yesterday we cycled inland and uphill to the Notre Dame chapel. We set off early so that the uphill ride would be more bearable in the intense heat. It was a nice ride, though we chose the shortest route that involved some stony paths rather than road. The view from the top made the journey worthwhile. We could see all the way back down to the sea for miles around.

Today we cycled to old Gruissan and I'm really pleased we did. It's made up of very narrow streets built in concentric circles round a Barberousse fort. It's very picturesque and a nice change from the new-build architecture we've seen otherwise.

There was a sprawling market selling everything from fruit and vegetables to olive pesto and local honey. I was very tempted by a bubbling cauldron of squid but was put off by the queue, and by the awkward conversation we'd have endured trying to order it.

All four days here have been incredibly windy. I bought a beach chair as a way of keeping above the sand blowing across the beach. Our campsite is relatively sheltered although it was so windy last night a tent on a pitch across from us blew down. We wound in our awning before settling into bed, just for piece of mind.
I'll end today's blog with a link to the Telegraph's top ten French beaches, one of which is Gruissan.


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