Sea view at Camping Cala Llevado

We arrived at Camping Cala Llevado at just gone midday, having first stopped at a Lidl supermarket to take on supplies. At reception we were offered pitch D7, presented with a map and asked to have a look at the pitch and determine if we liked it, or find another we preferred before returning to complete the paperwork.

Pitch D7 is the last pitch on a gently sloping terrace and has a corner plot with perfect views of the sea and beaches below. The previous year we'd had a pitch in the middle of the terrace and just a sliver of a sea view so we were delighted with the pitch on offer. I left Tony setting up for our five-night stay while I returned to complete the paperwork. The booking was fully paid when I completed it online the previous day and so all that was needed was for the receptionist to issue a receipt.

We were on our favourite beach by 1pm which made it feel like a proper holiday day rather than a day wasted travelling. We've arrived at all our campsites between 11.30am and 1.30pm so far this holiday and in all instances we've been welcomed and allowed to settle on our pitch. Generally 2pm is publicised as the earliest check in and so this has been a great bonus, enabling us to make something of each first day.

It wasn't certain that we'd be returning to Cala Llevado on this trip - the weather forecast was our main determining factor. In the end I'm so happy we ended up there. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat for a good two hours after seeing Cleopatra parked with such a commanding view. We'd get days on the beach and evenings enjoying views of the beach. It was just perfect. I know now Cala Llevado will become our Spanish Île d'Oléron - our happy place in France we've been five or six times.


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