Strasbourg is in France

Strasbourg is in France. I've never given it much consideration but I think I had a vague idea in the back of my mind it was in Belgium.
It seems I'm not alone in having no real idea of where the city I'm heading for right now actually is. Almost everyone who has asked where I'm going this holiday thought Strasbourg was in Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria. Anywhere but France.


Anyway, we picked Strasbourg for our October holiday because it has an Indigo campsite (the small campsite chain we like a lot), and seems as good of a destination as any for an autumn break.

I'm writing this from the M20 as we approach the Felixstowe Channel Tunnel terminal. A great thing we've learned during our first year of channel hopping is to book a Friday night crossing for between 8 and 9pm to allow for delays getting out of work or bad traffic. Then, once we've set off and there are no reports of traffic problems, the passenger can log in and amend the booking, bringing it forward nearer our new anticipated arrival time.

I've just moved our crossing from 8.30pm to 6.50pm. It looks likely we'll actually arrive at 5.30pm and may have been turned away from the original departure time. Now we'll be allowed through and maybe get offered an even earlier crossing.

It all means we'll be parking up at a more reasonable time tonight and maybe even get to enjoy a glass of wine before bed.


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