Best European city break

We slept until 10am and were soon back on the road heading south east towards Strasbourg. We stopped for fuel and coffee, and then again to buy food and alcohol, and timed our arrival at Camping Indigo perfectly for the 2pm check-in.

We set off on an exploratory walk into the centre of Strasbourg around 3.30pm. It took less than 30 minutes to walk into town. I was immediately smitten.

We spent most of our brief first glimpse in the old town, Little France, among the half-timbered houses alongside the river.
We only scratched the surface, and I'm so glad we're here for a week, but I loved everything I saw.

Each time we came to the end of the street and had to decide in which direction to continue it was the hardest choice. I kept having to remind myself I didn't have to see it all today!

When we decided we needed a pub we were just two minutes from Les Berthom, a pub I'd found online by researching the best spots to enjoy real ale. We popped in and bought a different ale each to swap halfway.

It's a lovely atmospheric bar but the beer was expensive. 50cl, less than a pint was more than €7. However using Google translate we worked out that happy hour between 7pm and 9pm gives double measures for the same price. We'll possibly be back.

So in just a few hours I love the city and I love how our campsite feels rural and yet is so close. I'd say this was going to be the perfect city break.


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