Accidental Italy

How do you accidentally end up in Italy when you were heading from the UK to St Malo in Brittany?

Our original destination for our fifth continental-European adventure was supposed to be St Malo. When we arrived in Calais I noticed the week-long forecast of rain. So we quickly abandoned our plan and drove south towards sunnier weather.

While Tony drove I booked seven nights at Camping Indigo Vallouise in the Alps on my phone's mobile internet. We stopped at an aire overnight before continuing the drive the next morning.

Our sat nav's quickest route took us through the Frejus tunnel. Neither of us had any idea this would see us enter Italy. I think we were in Italy for 30 minutes. I also think we should have had a warning plate on our bike rack for Italy and ours was back home under the dining table.
Anyway, it was certainly a relief when we re-entered France!


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