Campsite cooking

Our herb and spice cupboard
We like to cook, and we like to cook fresh food properly. There'll be no difference between how we cook at home and how we cook when camping, and so the challenge we've set ourselves it to ensure we have an all-encompassing camp store cupboard.

The toughest thing to crack has been how to store herbs and spices. Supermarket bought herbs and spices come in glass jars which will add unnecessary weight to our load and clink around until we wish we could jettison the lot. Nowhere seems to produce anything for herb and spice storage that's aimed at the travelling chef.

But I've found the perfect thing. A plastic tray holding eight plastic pots. It's designed for storing and freezing baby meals but it's absolutely perfect for our needs. Plus it was a bargain too! I bought two so we can carry 16 herbs and spices, and one tray stacks nicely on top of the other. They're £2.50 from Asda.


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