Cycling and exploring

The day started out misty so we made it an exploring-by-bike day. It's quite useful to get the lay of the land on the first day. The whole peninsula is a cyclist's paradise with a plethora of cycle paths crisscrossing the flat terrain.

We cycled to Prerow and loved it's cute thatched houses. We walked along the pier and then enjoyed fat bratwurst in a bread bun from a beachside vendor.

We carried on cycling to the National Park on the north-western tip where the lighthouse was just visible in the mist.

As we started heading back towards our campsite the sun started to peep through the clouds and so we ventured from the cycleway, over the dune to the beach where we dozed for an hour or so.

Our final pit stop was Netto to replenish the stocks of wine and beer with as much as we could carry between us in our rucksacks.

I'd say we've earned a few beers for all of today's peddling as we sit in dappled sunlight under the trees next to Cleopatra


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