Stratford upon Avon

This weekend we met up with our friends in their campervan, Daisy, at Dodwell Park campsite near Stratford upon Avon. It was a perfect, fun-packed weekend with eating and drinking in the evenings and a lovely walk along the river into Stratford upon Avon during the day on Saturday.

Stratford upon Avon is a lovely town so it's a real shame neither of its two campsites are particularly nice. Last year we stayed at Riverside caravan park with its endless regulations and long lists of what is and isn't acceptable. One of the more bizarre rules is that you cannot put up a windbreak, but there any many more things you might expect on a campsite that aren't allowed. The final straw was when the on-site bar told us they didn't serve real ale.

So we thought we'd try Dodwell Park. I have to say that the site staff could not be more friendly and welcoming, but the campsite is right next to a mobile home park and we ended up pitched right next to the fence that divides one from the other - not a particularly attractive sight - and doing nothing to give you a rural camping experience. Also, when checking in I specifically asked if there was a footpath into Stratford upon Avon or whether the only route on foot was along the road. They told us it was along the road, but when leaving a footpath map caught our eyes, complete with a countryside walk into Stratford upon Avon, via Luddington, and along the river!

Anyway, if I had to recommend one site over the other I'd recommend Dodwell Park simply for their more relaxed attitude. You're unlikely to get told off for doing something you'd normally expect to be able to do on a campsite.

The riverside walk is lovely and as it nears the town of Stratford upon Avon it passes by the back of some very grand properties. We enjoyed following the right of way across their back gardens getting a glimpse of how the other half lives!

Once in Stratford upon Avon we were feeling peckish and stopped for lunch at Hobsons Patisseries where the cakes all looked amazing, but our massive slice of pork pie and salad or sandwiches, crisps and salads had filled us up. The Stratford Ale House was next stop and we enjoyed two pints apiece from their selection of four cask ales including a very good porter.

We looked around the market and popped into a few shops before taking the shorter route home via the road.

We played Cards Against Humanity on the Saturday evening, trying our hardest to keep the noise down not least because of our fits of laughter, but because we really didn't want others overhearing as we read what was written on the cards. It's probably not a game best suited for camping!

Here's a short video of our weekend featuring much of the riverside walk into Stratford (or watch it on YouTube)


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