Pasta and sardines

It's scorching hot here in the Auvergne and we've not been all that hungry. Our traveling larder offered up tagliatelle and a tin of sardines with which we used up fresh garlic, red chili and an onion, plus some living thyme and a small pot of hummus. Eaten in the shade of a tree with crusty bread on the side, and costing next to nothing, it was better than anything you might have paid through the nose for in a restaurant.

Meals like this are great for camping because pasta and sardines are so easy to carry around. We have a small plastic box with basic ingredients like this, plus things like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tomato puree and ten herbs and spices.

If we don't get to a supermarket, and this being France, even if you do it's probably closed, then we still have enough to cook a meal. If we are able to shop then it's just for meat and maybe fresh veg, knowing we had the rest of the ingredients to make a tasty meal.


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