Simple pleasures

I had the urge to make plum and goats cheese toasties for breakfast and they were delicious. We ate them at the picnic bench in the sunshine under a cloudless blue sky. A group of ramblers assembled at the top of the hill a while ago, heading off in the direction we walked on our first day. If they stick to the route we took, they'll be back in about four hours. 

We've got nothing more energetic planned for our day than laying in the sun, enjoying the beautiful French mountains that surround us, the only sounds being the birds in the trees and ducks on the lake. We might crack open a few beers in the middle of the afternoon. Later, we'll walk the 20 minutes into town to visit the weekly night market where I'm hopeful we'll be greeted with the scent of gently cooking street food or some other delights. This is about as chilled as life gets. Simple pleasures.


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