During our five night stay at Camping Indigo Landes Sud I left my shower gel and conditioner in the shower. I noticed only the next time I went to shower and they weren't in my toiletries bag.

Ordinarily it wouldn't be a problem but the campsites we go to tend to be out of the way and supermarkets aren't always nearby.
I was rather annoyed to say the least and so Tony set about periodically checking to see whether anyone left their shower gel or conditioner behind.

I've always found fellow campers to be honest as can be and I happily go to bed leaving our stove and chairs outside all night. But with left-behind toiletries I'm as happy to say 'finders keepers' as whomever now had mine!

So, like the Superdrug version of a magpie, Tony brought back two bottles of shower gel and one bottle of conditioner.

I was suspicious about the conditioner. It was Dutch and so were the labels. I don't understand a single word of Dutch, but I could recognise the marvelous contents of the bottle would carefully rebalance the PH levels of my refreshed vagina.

I opted instead for the bottle of Sainsbury's coconut shower gel and decided I could live without conditioner, especially seeing how Tony had cut my hair so short I looked like a mole.

The following day I'd find the bottle of Dove cucumber-and-something-or-other shower gel that would make my skin soft from the first use. That was lovely, and far, far better than I'd ever pay for something for myself.

Tony, on the other hand, decided free was free and for the last two days has smelled like the cleanest and most PH balanced vagina you ever did come across.


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