The Lincolnshire Wolds

Grange Farm
We've spent the weekend in the Lincolnshire Wolds, a range of hills not far from the east coast. It's actually the highest area of land between Yorkshire and Kent.

We arrived at our campsite, Grange Farm in Salmonby just before 6pm and were welcomed by a blackboard that showed our pitch number, and that of the one other caravan we shared the site with. They'd made a few assumptions when they wrote our names on the board. It's very possible the other couple were indeed Mr and Mrs X, but we certainly weren't.

That aside, the site is lovely. It has just five pitches, all hard standing, atop one of the highest hills around with views over nothing more than even more hills. It was windy up there though!

Haddock and chips
After getting Cleopatra fit to sleep in we went to the White Hart Inn across the other side of the village. We enjoyed a couple of pints of Reverend James ale and were tempted into ordering fresh Grimsby haddock and chips despite having the food to make our dinner back in the van.

It's rarely a good idea to order fish and chips in a pub or restaurant because the batter never comes close to a real fish and chip shop and the White Hart was no different. It was a lovely big piece of fish, hanging off both sides of my plate, but the batter had the consistency of wet cardboard.

Our meals filled us both up for the fifteen minute walk back to Cleopatra and we both dozed off while sitting downstairs with barely-touched glasses of wine.

One of the antique markets
In the morning we set out to explore Lincolnshire. It was cold and windy and so we planned only to mooch briefly in a few places. We started in Horncastle which we'd seen pictured as cobbled streets and antique shops.

In reality Horncastle has one small cobbled street and probably the ugliest Tesco supermarket in Britain. We did enjoy perusing three floors of one massive antique shop before discovering the Tesco was even worse on the inside when we went in to buy a tin of beans for breakfast.

Mablethorpe did nothing to redeem Lincolnshire. Miles of yellow sand are marred by crazy golf courses, cheap and nasty burger bars and penny arcades. It's the kind of seaside town that puts me off the British coast. We did not stay long.

Mablethorpe is nice in this direction
Louth was nicer and we spent an hour or so looking around the town centre, buying a chip butty each to devour for lunch.

We were back on site by around 3pm for an afternoon snooze. After reading for a while we played two games of Ticket to Ride, with me losing both. The first game not least because I didn't check I'd completed my tickets before deciding to trigger the last turn without having the cards or trains to connect Toronto to my railway line.

Sunday was gloriously sunny, though still very cold and windy. We decided to visit Lincoln where we bought four one-litre drink bottles from Waitrose, being a nice shape to make them appear more like the wine decanters we would be using them for - when we bought 60 litres of wine back from France in 10 litre boxes, we hadn't considered what we'd do during our camping weekends.

Customised-to-fit storage
Each weekend we seem to find a campervan solution to one pesky little problem. We need a box small enough to fit in this space, or something to put that into! One thing I'm really proud of is our John Lewis hanging cupboard. We've sewn in two trouser clips so that it can be hung from the top of Cleopatra's table legs. It fits perfectly and is an ideal place for so many things it's good to have within reach in the living space, while keeping it all tidy.


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